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1 year ago
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»BASCOM-AVR : Constants and #if : REPLY
[quote:db3c8b0d25="Duval JP"]Njepsen is not a beginner,[/quote:db3c8b0d25]It is a beginner-like question. [quote:db3c8b0d25]if he...
»BASCOM-AVR : Constants and #if : REPLY
Hi MWS Njepsen is not a beginner, if he pauses the question it is because he needs this feature. Indeed I asked myself the que...
»BASCOM-AVR : Constants and #if : REPLY
[quote:0ad92032e1="njepsen"] [code:1:0ad92032e1] #if echo_site = tempstr 'do stuff #endif [/code:1:0ad92032e1][/quote:0ad...
»BASCOM-AVR : Constants and #if : NEWTOPIC
I'm trying to compare a constant with a variable and having trouble. The help for const says " CONST symbol = expression " and gi...
»BASCOM-AVR : xmega32e5 and PCF8574 : REPLY
:oops: have no idea how I omitted it.. Thanks Regards, Martin
»BASCOM-AVR : got an error with PWM configuration at ATTiny 85 but works w : REPLY
Tehere is lack of information about alias for COMPARE1A in the DAT file for Tiny85 but you can use OCR1A instead. You also can ad...
»BASCOM-AVR : xmega32e5 and PCF8574 : REPLY
You can hit F1 in Bascom and write "Config TWI" in the Index ;) There you can read: "You MUST dimension a variable named TWI_STAR...
»BASCOM-AVR : got an error with PWM configuration at ATTiny 85 but works w : NEWTOPIC
Hi I get an error with PWM configuration at ATTiny 85 but is accepted and works well with ATTiny45. Bascom Version ...
»BASCOM-AVR : xmega32e5 and PCF8574 : NEWTOPIC
Hi, wasting no time according to learn xmega I try to use lcd 16x2 with i2c converter PCF8574. As for atmega there was not pro...
the lib has this : #IF _XTINY<3 ..code for xtiny and megax #else 'code for DB/DA series ldi r23,&H13 ...

Date published: not known

»TWI Master mehrere Slave
Hallo User, ich beschäftige mich seit Tagen mit TWI und komme nicht weiter Ich baue gerade eine Clock24 , dazu wollte ich 12 Atmega 328 als Slave u...
»Flip-Flop mit zwei Eingängen
Hi Forum, wir haben hier gerade die kleine Schwester einer großen Maschine gebaut, mit der ich in meinem Büro an der Software weiterarbeiten kann,...
»Led Display UC1609 19264-05 V3.2
Gute Nacht. Ich bin auf ein solches Display auf dem UC1609 192x64 gestoßen, ich habe Bibliotheken für Baskom auf UC1601 und UC1608 (8-Bit-Parallel...
Guten Abend alle zusammen. Die Jungs wollen eine Schreibmaschine auf dem Bedienfeld machen, zuerst habe ich die Module LC12S für die Kommunikation...
»Attiny24 Soft-Uart
Guten Morgen allerseits, ich habe eine kleine Schaltung mit einen Attiny24 aufgebaut, mit der ich über einen seriellen Befehl 3 Ausgänge schalten ...
Guten Morgen liebes Forum, ich würde gern mit einem industrietauglichen Clone eines Arduinos arbeiten, hier der Link:

Date published: Mon, 16 May 2022 16:36:26 +0000

»93c46 editor programmer bascom &amp; vb93c46 editor programmer bascom &amp; vb
»93c46 Bascom &amp; VB693c46 Bascom &amp; VB6
»Analog clock on SSD1289 3.2" 240x320 lcdAnalog clock on SSD1289 3.2" 240x320 lcd
»Nextion HMI lcd with KaraDio the best webradio esp8266Nextion HMI lcd with KaraDio the best webradio esp8266
»Adding 240x320 lcd to the WifiWebRadioAdding 240x320 lcd to the WifiWebRadio
»IV-17 Nixie clock GPS set time &amp; date at power onIV-17 Nixie clock GPS set time &amp; date at power on

Date published: not known

»Bascom Can Bus Sniffer
»R.I.P Ben Zijlstra
Remembering Ben Zijlstra We hope that people who love Ben will remember and celebrate his life. more info at MCS
»KaRadio webradio ESP8266
The Dimitris board is available at  This is a hardware project for Ka-Radio
small tool to edit 93C46 eeprom written in BascomAVR & VB  Bascom control the 93C46 so we sent data via comport from VB code will be added later ...
»nRF24L01+ RC Controller
This is a RC controller TX & RX unit with nRF24L01+ nRF24L01+ / with PA and LNA for longer range facts: TX 1 x potmeter for servo ...
»RAW lcd
Connecting RAW lcd to atmega8 the lcd is 6 digit + time glass LCD Hour Meter for  tractor ,air compressor, ect the lcd have 4 com pins  & 14...

Date published: not known

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