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»BASCOM-AVR : dim Jbit as bit : REPLY
hi Laborate, Spiczu, Dave sometimes it's good to revise the fundamentals and appreciate your help, the Bascom community is ver...
Yes, I think it takes some effort. The coefficient calculation of the program changes depending on the power supply voltage (AV...
Thanks. I understand simple basic programming but this is too complicated for an old man like me and therefore I wants lots of he...
If the questioner has a high level of programming, we can also suggest simplifying the program. For example, the [PD_SCK] pin is ...
I use this code when I have only one HX711 $regfile = "m8def.dat" $crystal = 3686400 $baud = 9600 $hwstack = 64 $...
- you should start with the code you have for 1 device. - then show us which pins you have for the other 3 devices. ...
there are multiple solutions. the most simple would be when you use a full port for example PORTB. Say portb.0 and portb.1 for t...
I am aware of Gosub but where in my code should I insert Gosub Hx711get1, Gosub Hx711get2, Gosub Hx711get3 abd Gosub Hx711get4. I...
»BASCOM-AVR : dim Jbit as bit : REPLY
...or in other words [code:1:c415f362ec]dim A as Bit dim B as Bit dim C as Bit dim D as Bit ' and optional for Testing: ...
»BASCOM-AVR : dim Jbit as bit : REPLY
Hi JP You can always split the byte in to individual bits, just add the dot and individual bit number. Very useful for all sor...

Date published: not known

»Unerklärlicher Fehler, komme einfach nicht weiter.
Hallo, ich habe hier ein Projekt, wo zwei Servomotoren zwei Pneumatikzylinder betätigen. Das lief bisher auch viele Tage ohne Probleme. Da aber di...
»EEPROM 24FC1025
BASCOM-Quellcode (56 Zeilen)Hallo Freunde, mit meiner Function und meinem Sub kann ich wunderbar jede Zelle meiner TWI EEPROMS von der 24Cxx Reihe...
»Neu hier und eine Frage zur Servoansteuerung
Hallo Forum, ich klopfe hier mal dreimal auf den Tisch *klopf, klopf, klopf* und gebe ein anerkennendes "Hallo" in die Runde! Ich bin schwer beein...
»Ein CO-Warner mit MQ-7 und ATtiny45
Man liest immer mal wieder über Kohlenmonoxidvergiftungen. Da es heutzutage doch Sensoren für praktisch alles gibt, sollte es doch kein Problem sei...
»Probleme mit einem Board "Mini MEGA 2560 Pro Micro USB CH340G ATMEGA2560-16AU For Arduino Mega 2560 R3"
Hallo zusammen, ich habe mir ein kleines Board mir der Bezeichnung "Mini MEGA 2560 Pro Micro USB CH340G ATMEGA2560-16AU For Arduino Mega 2560 R3" ...
»PWM mit ATtiny85 will nicht
Hallo, ich versuche mich mit PWM beim ATtiny85. Aber leider tut sich beim Motor nix. Um den Fehler einzugrenzen, habe ich das Programm komplett in...

Date published: Sat, 23 Jan 2021 19:00:53 +0000

»93c46 editor programmer bascom & vb93c46 editor programmer bascom & vb
»93c46 Bascom & VB693c46 Bascom & VB6
»Analog clock on SSD1289 3.2" 240x320 lcdAnalog clock on SSD1289 3.2" 240x320 lcd
»Nextion HMI lcd with KaraDio the best webradio esp8266Nextion HMI lcd with KaraDio the best webradio esp8266
»Adding 240x320 lcd to the WifiWebRadioAdding 240x320 lcd to the WifiWebRadio
»IV-17 Nixie clock GPS set time & date at power onIV-17 Nixie clock GPS set time & date at power on

Date published: not known

»Bascom Can Bus Sniffer
»R.I.P Ben Zijlstra
Remembering Ben Zijlstra We hope that people who love Ben will remember and celebrate his life. more info at MCS
»KaRadio webradio ESP8266
The Dimitris board is available at  This is a hardware project for Ka-Radio
small tool to edit 93C46 eeprom written in BascomAVR & VB  Bascom control the 93C46 so we sent data via comport from VB code will be added later ...
»nRF24L01+ RC Controller
This is a RC controller TX & RX unit with nRF24L01+ nRF24L01+ / with PA and LNA for longer range facts: TX 1 x potmeter for servo ...
»RAW lcd
Connecting RAW lcd to atmega8 the lcd is 6 digit + time glass LCD Hour Meter for  tractor ,air compressor, ect the lcd have 4 com pins  & 14...

Date published: not known

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