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»BASCOM-AVR : Odd behavior with select-case : REPLY
I have always done my select/case like this so never had that problem I find it easier to read Regards Paul [code:1:49293...
»Share your working BASCOM-AVR code here : Function added to OLED library 'glcdSSD1306-I2C.lib' : REPLY
Hallo, Its Work, Thank you well, Is a new time for me to Prog with LCD´s, so i have a Problem with the fonts. I use a LCD Display ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Odd behavior with select-case : NEWTOPIC
Hi, I came accros this odd behavior with select-case statement used together with Goto. Two statements separated by a ":" on the...
»BASCOM-AVR : Receiving zero(0) bytes : REPLY
Above is whole code which works well (tested) with all charcters (0 or not) which have carriage return/linefeed, or with received ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Receiving zero(0) bytes : REPLY
[quote:5aae93e45e="Flash"]This is not a code,[/quote:5aae93e45e] Yes, you're right, these are only unrelated lines, but no code w...
»BASCOM-AVR : Receiving zero(0) bytes : REPLY
[quote:93e6a2625b="MWS"][quote:93e6a2625b="Flash"]because Ischarwaiting=0 if all bytes are zero(0)[/quote:93e6a2625b] Your statem...
»BASCOM-AVR : Receiving zero(0) bytes : REPLY
see the help about null character I suppose you know but ... null ascii 0 is different of "0" chr ( 48 ) Help said "you can ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Receiving zero(0) bytes : REPLY
[quote:241d6cbbf2="Flash"]because Ischarwaiting=0 if all bytes are zero(0)[/quote:241d6cbbf2] Your statement is wrong. Ischarw...
»BASCOM-AVR : Receiving zero(0) bytes : REPLY
Hi, Maybe a Do Loop while ISCHARWAITING. Something like:- [code:1:cfbcb9bfc4] While Ischarwaiting(#2) = 1 ...
»BASCOM-AVR : Receiving zero(0) bytes : NEWTOPIC
Is there some way for UART receiving zero bytes (e.g. 0,0,0,0), because Ischarwaiting=0 if all bytes are zero(0), only if one is >...

Date published: not known

»Verschiedene Tools für die Entwicklung rund um Mikrokontroller
Ich stelle hier verschiedene überarbeitete oder neue Tools vor, die bei der Entwicklung rund um Mikrokontroller hilfreich sein können. Einige Tools...
Guten Morgen Wie man die Fusebits Einstellt weiß ich, wie entschlüsselt man die? Wenn ich einen Externen Quarz mit 4 Mhz. an klemme wie sieht das...
»ATMega328 Funktioniert nicht mit Wait?
Hallo, ich stehe mal gerade bissel auf dem Schlauch. Da ich die kleinen ATMega328 Pro Mini Module, welche es für paar Cent bei Ebay gibt, für einf...
»SSD1306 OLED Display
Hallo, OLED Display SSD1306 in der Größe 0.96 Zoll oder 1.3 Zoll mit der Auflösung 128x64 oder 128x32 Pixel. Das Display wird in der Regel mit I2...
»maximale Länge des I2C Kabels an einem Sensor....
Guten Morgen, Eine Frage zu der Maximalen länge eines Anschluss Kabels an einen Messensor. In meinem Fall der HP03S ein Kombi Sensor für Temeratu...
»Geregelter Aufwärtswandler 12V/24V
Hallo, ich bräuchte etwas HIlfe um diese Arbeit umzusetzen. Platine ist schon fertig, das Problem liegt nur noch im Programm schreiben, könnte mir ...

Date published: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 16:23:32 +0000

»93c46 editor programmer bascom & vb93c46 editor programmer bascom & vb
»93c46 Bascom & VB693c46 Bascom & VB6
»Analog clock on SSD1289 3.2" 240x320 lcdAnalog clock on SSD1289 3.2" 240x320 lcd
»Nextion HMI lcd with KaraDio the best webradio esp8266Nextion HMI lcd with KaraDio the best webradio esp8266
»Adding 240x320 lcd to the WifiWebRadioAdding 240x320 lcd to the WifiWebRadio
»IV-17 Nixie clock GPS set time & date at power onIV-17 Nixie clock GPS set time & date at power on

Date published: not known

»Bascom Can Bus Sniffer
»R.I.P Ben Zijlstra
Remembering Ben Zijlstra We hope that people who love Ben will remember and celebrate his life. more info at MCS
»KaRadio webradio ESP8266
The Dimitris board is available at  This is a hardware project for Ka-Radio
small tool to edit 93C46 eeprom written in BascomAVR & VB  Bascom control the 93C46 so we sent data via comport from VB code will be added later ...
»nRF24L01+ RC Controller
This is a RC controller TX & RX unit with nRF24L01+ nRF24L01+ / with PA and LNA for longer range facts: TX 1 x potmeter for servo ...
»RAW lcd
Connecting RAW lcd to atmega8 the lcd is 6 digit + time glass LCD Hour Meter for  tractor ,air compressor, ect the lcd have 4 com pins  & 14...

Date published: not known

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